Visibility into all aspects of your support team

How you support your customers is a critical part of your business.   There are many complex moving parts in a support team.  Oftentimes this critical function grows organically and evolves to be inconsistent with the overall vision of the organization.
Our 360 Assessment is a deep and clear dive into all the critical elements of support.  Our team spends time reviewing each part of your support program.   These "views" are assessed based on standards and best practices from our years of experinece
The output of this process is an actionable report of observations, areas of performance, areas of opportunity and actionalble plans to improve.   Typically the implementation of a single recommendation provides an ROI multiple times the expense of the assessment.
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What We Assess

  1. Agent view
    We interview agents to understand their understanding of the support role, company vision and day-to-day activities. We look at leadership and front-line support and evaluate the culture and health of the environment
  2. Customer View
    We look at the support experience from the customer's point-of view. What is the support effort, brand experience and overall interaction.
  3. Economic View
    We provide detailed analysis into the costs of your operation on a transaction-basis as well as across all your channels of communication.
  4. Technology View
    We review the use of technologies and tools and their role in improving or hindering the support experience.
  5. Systems / Process View
    We review critical support systems and how information flows through your teams. We look for points of friction and gaps in process
  6. Corporate View
    We assess how consistent is your support function with your brand and strategic objectives.

How we Do it?

Our Process

Step 1:  Executive Objectives

We meet with your executives to understand objecives, areas of concern and current design of support function.   We logistically plan for the onsite time and exchange background information to assist in our analysis

Step 2:  Onsite Assessment

We meet with your agents and operational management teams.  If appropriate, we can also survey all internal support staff.  Additionally, we make test multiple calls into the support center to view customer experience.  We review technology and its implementation / integration.  Typical onsite time is 1-2 days.

Step 3: Analysis and Reporting

After review of your teams, we spend several days analysing and reviewing our findings.  We look at the interplay of our findings and root-cause.   We generate a detailed report of our findings, areas of high performance, areas of opportunity.   We provide detail economic analysis of the support role.   Finally, we detail key improvements and action plans that can be implemented either by you or with assistance from our team.  The ROI of some of these efforts can be substantial.

Step 4:  Executive Debrief

We finalize the process by meeting with our executive counterparts within your organization.  We provide a brief presentation of findings and key implications
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